– If you have had the COVID-VACCINE you leave 4 weeks either side of your filler and Anti
– Cancellation with less than 72 hours notice will result in your deposit being lost.
– Cancellation on the day May result in you not getting another appointment.
– If you fail to let Hannah know you have had a previous treatment on the area to be treated you may be turned away on the day and loose deposit.
– If you fail to mention any medical history Hannah should know about before the day, your appointment may be cancelled and deposit lost.

– You may be turned away if Hannah feels you have enough filler in the area to be treated. You may send pictures before the appointment for advise.

– You must inform Hannah of your ethnic background for any Semi Permanent Make Up treatment. Darker lips will need neutralising and are a separate treatment. A full consultation is required before booking SPMU for dark lips.