Lip Tattoo - Lip Line



Check you are eligible before booking…

If you have an ethnic background other than white, you must inform Hannah. Lip treatments change person to person as we have different undertones in our skin. This means if you have cooler/dark lips you will have to go through a colour neutralising process before having your desired colour.

For this treatment you must not have any previous SPMU. If you have any previous SPMU, you must send Hannah a picture before booking to confirm Hannah is happy to work over what you may still have. If you fail to do so, you may be turned away from your appointment and your deposit will be kept.

Cosmetic Tattooing procedures can stimulate cold sore outbreaks for those who get them. I strongly advise taking Acyclovir antibiotics or apply Zovirax daily leading up to your appointment.

*Important notice* To avoid cancelation when pre-booking, you must inform Hannah of any medical history you may have, any treatments performed on the face in the last 6 months, must not book if you have previous SPMU that has not faded and must be strictly over 18.

TOP UP APPOINTMENTS are a separate treatment and will need to be booked separately 6 weeks after initial appointment. You will receive a skin test at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you do not, you must inform Hannah to arrange one.

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