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Semi Permanent Lip Tattooing

Semi-permanent lip tattooing which lasts for years!…. It is a procedure by which Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to create a natural looking enhancement to your features. This treatment can benefit almost anyone from ages 18+ for appearance, for medical reasons, to save time and to raise self-confidence.

Lip Tattoo colouring

It is true! It is possible to change the shape and shade of your lips…. for anyone who wants bigger fuller lips semi-permanent lip tattooing is another option to boost your lips without injection. The treatment can also camouflage scars or facial lines surrounding the lips that result from ageing.

As many of my clients are unhappy with ‘thin lips,’ to restore lost definition the lip line is tattooed very softly outside the border. This can be left as a lip liner or blended to give a 3D blush effect. For clients who wear lipstick daily we would advise the full lip colour. Each lip tattooing treatment can correct any symmetry or concerns you may have. Colour can be as natural or as bright as you choose depending on the reason for your procedure.


Prior to your procedure you will have a consultation including a skin test… any allergies / medical conditions will be discussed. Providing you have no problems with the skin test etc you are fully ready to book in for your procedure. Each procedure will take about two hours once you are happy with your results that are drawn on and shown to you. This part is never rushed! It is imperative that you are happy before the commencement of treatment.
Then just sit back and relax!

Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence to make a remarkable difference on your life, in how you feel in yourself and carry yourself! Saving you time & effort on a daily basis.

After first treatment you are advised to come back for a six week evaluation / re-touch session. This treatment is a process and may take more than one appointment.

After your six week evaluation / re-touch your lip colour lasts around 2-5 years. This is totally dependent on the client’s skin and how they follow aftercare. Lifestyle, age and skin hold a big part in how long this treatment lasts.

For example, constant/excessive sun exposure/UV rays will result in the pigment fading faster, meaning more top up procedures will be required to maintain the colour and shape of your lips. Younger skin can break down pigment quicker.

As this treatment is not permanent, your lip colour will eventually fade into nothing. So long as you are happy with your treatment you are advised to keep your lips topped up every few years to maintain colour depth and shape. Again this is dependent on each individual’s skin how often this may be.

Just about anyone! Whether you’re interested for beauty or medical reasons, whatever your life style, semi-permanent make-up is the solution to looking and feeling great!

We all know how make-up can transform a face… Yet few have the natural ability to know what compliments their features. In just one hour I can provide you with a professional make-over that will last for years!

Each individual is different to the amount of colour their skin retains, as your practitioner I will advise you as best as I can to choose the right colour for you, if not perfect, can be lightened or darkened with a follow up appointment 6 weeks later.

As a semi-permanent make-up technician I would never recommend or carry out a procedure that is beyond natural! Remember this is a natural enhancement and for anything out of the ordinary, conventional make-up can be used to your own advantage.

At all times I adhere to the strictest safety procedures and guidelines. Every client will see that a pre-sealed sterile needle cartridge is opened prior to every treatment.  We provide all our clients with an aftercare treatment along with aftercare instructions, regarding washing, creams etc.

Semi-Permanent Make-up is a process and will usually need a touch up appointment. During the first 4 weeks after receiving your Semi Permanent Lip tattooing you may notice a few changes that may make you panic. In simple terms, your body will treat the ‘tattooed lips’ as a wound as your skin has been broken during the treatment. This is completely normal. New layers of skin will form over the lip colour in order to heal the broken skin underneath. As your ‘lip colour’ appears darker in the first few days you will then start to notice the colour ‘flake off’ which will make them appear ‘patchy’ and ‘faded’.

Please do not worry as most of the colour will have been absorbed underneath the new healing skin. During the remaining weeks, up until 4 weeks post treatment each layer of skin will heal in turn and your colour will resurface. You will NOT see the true colour until the full healing process of 4-6 weeks is over. At this point you come back for a touch up appointment to finalise any gaps or colour. Your body naturally forces anything foreign and unusual out of the body and this is why your treatment cannot be performed overnight in one session.

Booking an appointment:

Over 18’s only!!

Please note- (The address for your consultation may be different to the address on the day of your treatment depending on what clinic is on that day.)

Consultation: 10 minutes

For all Semi Permanent make up treatments a consultation and skin test is needed at least 24 hours before the appointment! The consultation takes around 10 minutes providing all questions are answered.

Treatment: 2 hours

Once skin test is ok you are ready for your appointment. Treatment is discussed and drawn on with a lip liner before starting.


  • Lip colour – £300 + £60 evaluation / retouch
  • Lip blush – £250 + £60 evaluation / retouch
  • Lip line – £150 + £60 evaluation / retouch
  • 2 to 6 months – £80
  • 7 to 12 months – £120
  • 13 to 23 months – £150
  • 24 months plus – £200