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Lip Fillers

Here at Face Forward we use smooth gel fillers containing Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance that occurs naturally in our skin that aids volume and controls hydration. All dermal fillers used at Face Forward are FDA approved and are fully reversible at any stage.

Over time, Hyaluronic acid within our skin diminishes causing our skin to lose its elasticity and smoothness from lifestyle and ageing. The underlying tissues which give our skin a plump, youthful appearance tend to break down, resulting in laughter lines appearing and our skin to become loose and saggy. Dermal fillers work to prevent this problem. When injected below the skin, dermal filler instantly binds with the water within our dermis to replace and rejuvenate volume, balance and hydration. This can plump up those sunken or creased areas to help you regain the fullness of youth.

We all require different needs and results when it comes to our features. Each one of us is individually beautiful. Here at Face Forward we aim to build a natural look overtime. Lips should be built up on during individual visits and not forced into anything too un-natural. Lip enhancement lasts around 6-12months. Your Aesthetician will advise what is best for your lips and explain when to top up.

The Rules

-Strictly NO under 18’s!

-No alcohol, herbal supplements, blood thinning medication, paracetamol, aspirin, green tea or ginger or Vitamin E for 72 hours before your treatment.

-Do not book an appointment the same day you may be going out drinking alcohol. (increased bruising)

Booking an appointment:

Time: 45 mins

Consultations are usually on the same day as your appointment for lip enhancement. You will go through a consultation/ medical form with your Aesthetician and have the chance to ask any questions, if not already answered. Your Aesthetician will then discuss with you what results you are looking for, how many sessions it may take and what filler is best for you.

Filler Prices

  • Belotero / Juvederm
  • 0.55ml – £140
  • 1.0ml – £190